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Heavy Hitting Original Truths about mind blowing topics like you’ve never seen before!

Covering highly obscure and taboo as well as Anthropology, deep Esoteric truths and symbology, Semiotics, Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry, Astrotheology, Astrology, Language Etymology, theology, mythology, psychology, Russellian Science, Zero Point Science, Sovereignty, Reclaiming Dominion, Health science, EXPOSING Fraud/Corruption/Crimes against HUMANITY, and SO MUCH MORE!

My videos may take a while between releases but im working hard to put out more often. Planting a seed of inspiration in minds and hearts.

PLEASE SHARE my videos and channel around with friends and family on social media or what have you. you can connect with me on facebook, email, or subscribe to my work as a patron to recieve frequent updates on all of my full video presentations as well as research articles that arent on video yet at

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